The Forge & The Torch “Youth” Groups

The Torch (High School) leaders: Dan and Erica Rahr

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The Forge (Middle School) Leaders: Anthony and Alyssa Morreale

The Forge – “as iron sharpens iron, so one friend sharpens another”…Proverbs 27:17


The Forge are definitely the coolest people in our church and is for teens in Middle School Group, and The Torch is for teens that are in High School.  This is THE place to be. We have lots of fun activities and unique lessons planned – oh yeah, and food. We always have food. And we always have fun.  So come join us for food, fun and some cool people. Each lesson is centered around one of our Core Values – We Serve, We Forgive, We Respect, We Give, We Choose Our Friends Wisely and We Fulfill Our Destiny. There’s no way to get bored because we talk about the stuff you care about and topics relevant to your life….. and we also give you tons of sugar and have pretty interesting speakers, too. We love each other and we’ll love you….. so come on and hang out with us!

We meet on Wednesdays for 30 minutes of bible study, followed by 30 minutes of fun.  Bring your bibles.  Please see Anthony and Alyssa Morreale (The Forge leaders), and Erica and Dan Rahr (The Torch leaders),  for further information about time and locations.  Also the youth attend concerts and other events located outside the church.  

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Solid Rock Ministries

Solid Rock Ministries is a Myrtle Beach church that offers two Sunday services at 9:30am and 11:15am. Pastor John-Paul Miller is the pastor who delivers the sermons every Sunday. Solid Rock Ministries offers over 14 groups which members can be a part of which include Solid Rockers, A-Men’s Breakfast, Connect Groups, Ladies Breakfast Club, The Forge, Real Moms, Sending Out Sonshine, Senior Saints Bible Study, Short Group Bible Study, Solid Rock Kids, Tiny Groups and Young Adults. Solid Rock Ministries also offers sports such as wiffleball, volleyball, flag football, basketball, soccer and kickball for adults to enjoy. Solid Rock Ministries offers their beautiful chapel for weddings ceremonies.

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