Our Church Membership Process

1. Attend “Pizza with the Pastor”

Once every other month PJP invites everyone who has been visiting Solid Rock, to come hang out on a Sunday afternoon with him and several of our church leaders. This is a great time for you to check out how “normal” we are as we ask and answer lots of questions to get to know each other. We look forward to hearing everything you love about Solid Rock during this step of the church membership process.

2. Listen to our Core Values!

Our 2 CD (4 sermon) series on the Core Values of Solid Rock is what helps us have such healthy relationships as well as a safe, peaceful, and fun “church of Love” filled with the most wonderful people in the world. Check out our section on Core Values here.

3. Meet with our Administrator, Tricia Ross.

Let her help you find a place to serve at Solid Rock that fits your soul and personality. We love to make serving easy, fun, and effective!

Solid Rock Ministries

Solid Rock Ministries is a Myrtle Beach church that offer Sunday service at 10:00am. Pastor John-Paul Miller is the pastor who delivers the sermons every Sunday. Solid Rock Ministries offers over 14 groups which members can be a part of which include Solid Rockers, A-Men’s Breakfast, Connect Groups, Ladies Breakfast Club, The Forge, Real Moms, Sending Out Sonshine, Senior Saints Bible Study, Short Group Bible Study, Solid Rock Kids, Tiny Groups and Young Adults. Solid Rock Ministries also offers sports such as wiffleball, volleyball, flag football, basketball, soccer and kickball for adults to enjoy. Solid Rock Ministries offers their beautiful chapel for weddings ceremonies.

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