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We love our children’s ministry (Solid Rock Kids) and know that you will, too. Our hired nursery staff are all professionally trained as behavior specialists and are well equipped to meet the needs of your family. You and your child will feel very safe and comfortable with our staff and our fun classrooms. We use a variety of activities in our lessons to target each child’s unique learning style. Our focus is to teach our children the Core Values – we serve, we forgive, we respect, we give, we choose our friends wisely and we fulfill our destiny. Every lesson will be focused around one of these principles. We are so excited to get a chance to meet your Solid Rock Kids and help teach them to love the Word of God.

Our classrooms are divided by ages (Tadpoles and Sweet Frogs) and grades (Soldiers, and Transformed):

Tadpoles and Sweet Frogs (Birth to 3 years), are available for use during the entire service. Each child who is cared for in the nursery is assigned a security number. This number serves to alert you during the service, if there is a need, and to facilitate picking up your child at the end of the service.

Soldiers (Pre K, K, 1st grade), and Transformed (2nd, 3rd, 4th grade) will be dismissed from the congregation after praise and worship. During our “Take 5”, you can walk your child back to their assigned classroom with ample time to get back to the sanctuary.

Meet our Children’s Church planner, Erica Rahr.  She prepares the weekly curriculum for Children’s church at Solid Rock.



To learn more about our Middle and High School youth groups, click the link below:

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Solid Rock Ministries

Solid Rock Ministries is a Myrtle Beach church that offer Sunday service at 10:00am. Pastor John-Paul Miller is the pastor who delivers the sermons every Sunday. Solid Rock Ministries offers over 14 groups which members can be a part of which include Solid Rockers, A-Men’s Breakfast, Connect Groups, Ladies Breakfast Club, The Forge, Real Moms, Sending Out Sonshine, Senior Saints Bible Study, Short Group Bible Study, Solid Rock Kids, Tiny Groups and Young Adults. Solid Rock Ministries also offers sports such as wiffleball, volleyball, flag football, basketball, soccer and kickball for adults to enjoy. Solid Rock Ministries offers their beautiful chapel for weddings ceremonies.

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