Our Leadership



Mark Kaufman: Worship Leader

Mark studied music at Coastal Carolina University. Then went on to play piano at the Dixie Stampede for seven years, Crocodile Rocks for 20 years, and is now using his amazing musical talent to lead praise and worship for us. Mark enjoys doing parody songs each week where he takes a well know secular song and changes the lyrics to be christian songs.




Angela and Brian Clark

Angela Clark: Worship Pastor 

Brian Clark: Leader of A-Men’s Breakfast and head of Landscaping

Brian and Angela have been married for 29 years.  Angela was raised in Myrtle Beach and attended Socastee Pentecostal Church growing up.  Brian is from Charlotte, NC and attended Northside Christian Academy and Baptist Church.  Brian moved to the Myrtle Beach area during his high school years and met Angela shortly after at Socastee High School.  The rest is history.  They have been blessed with two beautiful children who are now adults with families of their own; Ashlyn and Kyle Vermeer have given them a grandson, Conner and their son, Chase (who also sings), gave them a granddaughter, Lily.  Angela is the owner of Perfect Reflections Salon for the last 18 years and Brian was a police office who left the force to give his full attention to his growing business, BC Landscaping.  Angela has been singing since age 5.  She has grown up surrounded by gospel music and will continue to use the gift that God has given her by serving with Solid Rock’s Praise and Worship Team.  Brian sings in the choir, serves as an Usher, is leader of Amen’s Breakfast, as well as takes care of the grounds at Solid Rock.  Both have been extensively involved with local youth.  Brian has coached baseball and football and Angela coached the JV, Varsity, and Competition Cheerleading Squads at Socastee High School.  Both have volunteered and worked with the Socastee High Performing Arts for the last 7 years.  This church has become a home for them and although they have known God since childhood, both have grown spiritually since they became members of the Solid Rock family.



Ron and Mary Jane Kaufman:

Ron and Mary Jane are a fun and faithful couple who head up our Solid Rockers ministry. They have been married for 51 years, and moved from Baltimore 38 years ago.  They always have creative events planned for the Solid Rockers group, and have a passion for serving, encouraging and building up others. They feel fortunate to be at Solid Rock where they get to serve with people who love God and are provided with many opportunities to grow in their faith.


Tricia and John

John and Tricia Ross: Administrators

John and Tricia have been members of Solid Rock Ministries since 2007.  They enjoy serving God and the members of Solid Rock with all of their hearts.  Tricia has compassion for people and loves serving enthusiastically .  She has a passion for encouraging people and leading members to areas in Solid Rock where they can best use their talents and serve God, while John is more involved in the behind the scenes events that take place within the church.  John brings laughter and a smile to everyone he encounters.  Since 2007, John and Tricia have relied on God for their strength during John’s battle with cancer, and through that journey they have grown closer as husband and wife and to God!  John and Tricia enjoy attending bible studies and the groups within Solid Rock Ministries along with gaining new friendships.  They look forward to what else God has in store for Solid Rock Ministries.



Solid Rock Ministries

Solid Rock Ministries is a Myrtle Beach church that offers two Sunday services at 9:30am and 11:00am. Pastor John-Paul Miller is the pastor who delivers the sermons every Sunday. Solid Rock Ministries offers over 14 groups which members can be a part of which include Solid Rockers, A-Men’s Breakfast, Connect Groups, Ladies Breakfast Club, The Forge, Real Moms, Sending Out Sonshine, Senior Saints Bible Study, Short Group Bible Study, Solid Rock Kids, Tiny Groups and Young Adults. Solid Rock Ministries also offers sports such as wiffleball, volleyball, flag football, basketball, soccer and kickball for adults to enjoy. Solid Rock Ministries offers their beautiful chapel for weddings ceremonies.

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