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Carman Legacy Tour coming to Solid Rock

February 24, 2019

CARMAN “Legacy Tour”
No Admission / No Offering

First come, first serve seating, unless you purchase a VIP ticket. Doors open at 5:00pm.
VIP tickets are available at a cost of $100/each. The VIP ticket gets you in the venue early to pick your seat, a meet and greet with Carman, he will sign and take picture, and free CD. Please contact Tricia (our Administrator) to purchase VIP tickets. Tickets are limited and must be purchased prior to the concert (843-251-1784).

Carman is bringing the Legacy Tour to Solid Rock. This is a FREE tour no gimmicks. That means no cost to get in and no offering will be taken up. Carman has been in ministry over 40 years in America and around the world and he is still going strong. With his passion to see souls won to Jesus Christ, Carman set out to do something never heard of before in Christian music or any music genre, and that is to provide a FREE tour experience to bring in as many people as possible to hear the message of Jesus Christ. Carman will be ministering in music with some of the many #1 hits he has had over his 40year career. Carman will also be ministering in word, and prayer. This is an event you do not want to miss. So, bring your friends, family, and anyone you want to introduce to Jesus Christ, and come out to the Carman Legacy Tour. You will be so glad you did.

Carman, with over 10 Million record sales, 15 Gold and Platinum Cd's and Video's and Carman remains till this day, Gospel Music's only Stadium act. He holds the worlds record for the largest solo Concerts, outdoors 80,000 and 71,132 indoors. He's collected the most names of any American citizen in U.S. History on a petition for prayer in public schools with over one million signatures and he has won over 1 million people won to Christ. Carman, an Italian American, born in Trenton New Jersey, spent years in military school and originally set out to be a boxer. In 1976 his life course was changed at an Andrae Crouch concert and he began to write the songs that would forever alter generations of gospel song writers. Carman defied description and consistently operated outside of the box of Christian music when innovating new and fresh ways to present the message. With 35 music videos, he reinvented the genre of the visual arts in Christian music and dance as an art form within the church. His contributions to drama, dance and acting through the arts are historic. He remains what is best described as a cultural phenomenon and a true American Original.

Here are some links to check our some of Carman's music: v=2636wS3foOk v=ySscnbaGAy0 v=WfHfTKdYwvY v=sQ8a9Kn651I v=D11OBSEZWgg

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